Keeping the Kids’ Eyes Healthy

For those of us who have young ones in our lives, whether they are our children or we look out for their well-being and development from about 8:30am to 3pm every day, it is extremely important that we are constantly remaining aware of changes in their development that could be clues as to important issues that need to be addressed. If you have a child that is usually a very keen learner, but has been very fidgety of late, and had a difficult time reading and doing math problems, you may want to investigate before criticizing them for their lack of dedication.


Sometimes kids are hesitant to tell us what is going on. This can be because they are embarrassed, but it can also be because they simply do not know that there has been a change. Even if they do realize something has changed, they might not know how to explain it to an adult.


As educators and parents, our job is to make sure we are helping kids adjust to life, one day at a time. As children develop, their bodies change all of the time, and one aspect of their body that certainly changes is their eyesight. You can certainly have a top learner drop off in capabilities almost overnight if their eyesight is deteriorating without the assistance of proper eyewear. It is important that we keep an eye on this sort of thing, and make sure that we set kids up with appointments for eye testing whenever a sudden change occurs in their study habits.


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